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bag of bones

Halloween Cheetos.  These are much better shapes for Cheetos than the regular shapes.  You can make your own little cartoon skeleton. 

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the brannock device

At last, it is mine. I am now the proud owner of this classic 20th Century Brannock Device.  For some mysterious reason I have wanted to have one of these since I was a little kid, and today, at the … Continue reading

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matchbox label casting call

Another set of characters in search of a story from my virtual collection of matchbox labels. Announcing, with considerable fanfare, the story of And her journey far from her native flocks and meadows with her companion Away from the mountains … Continue reading

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photographs we wish we’d taken

This photograph represents the intersection in the Venn diagram between “people who always wanted one of those original Honda Z coupes” and “people who always wanted have a car small enough to park in a empty cart corral at Wal-Mart”. … Continue reading

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crazy dollar store shark

Today on the blog: Crazy Dollar Store Shark’s Tiny Dollar Store Squares! (A big thanks to Tiny Dollar Store Shark for acting as our model for today’s phone camera photo shoot: he’s an inspiration to us all, a true Dollar … Continue reading

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I have been waiting for this particular day for quite a few years. 6-1-61. 6-1-16.

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english numerals

Old catalogs aren’ t just great sources for details about the past, but for fonts and approaches to type as well. What better place to find beautiful old numerals than a catalog page of tape measures. These look nicer than my … Continue reading

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wippity wipes and fiery frogs

and Caution: Emits showers of sparks.

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special guest appearance!

Well, it’s really more of a photo op, but whatever you want to call it, but please give a big blog welcome to Captain Marvel Junior and Mary Marvel! “That’s some classic 50s cosplay” Seriously, the traditional  Big Red Cheese … Continue reading

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my internet idol

This woman is my new internet idol.  I really like her earrings and her hat. The bird is pretty cool as well. Seriously, wouldn’t it be awesome to befriend a giant eagle and have it like you enough to ride … Continue reading

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