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saddle foo dog

This concept sketch is from the carousel work in progress in Albany, Oregon. Wood carvers are at work there creating a wonderful new menagerie carousel of animals from around the world, both real and fantastic. It is going to be … Continue reading

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the single plate mystery beast

Indiana is a single plate state: we are only required to display a single license plate on the rear bumpers of our vehicles. Since many states require plates on both the front and rear, auto manufacturers design cars for the … Continue reading

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On the eve of the political conventions, just a reminder that this blog supports the candidate everyone can agree on. (Image via Pinterest. )

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song of new buffalo

(Three golden rings.) Song of New Buffalo Michigan watermelon, Three golden rings. Raspberries, blueberries, Geep, geep, geep. (A poem from four small photographs taken on a brief trip across the state line to New Buffalo, Michigan: a typical “fruit stand” … Continue reading

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what’s the deal with the mint green?

A few days ago, we discussed the Mint Green Outfits being worn by the Belgian national team in the current Euro 16 association football tournament. You may recall that I felt there was something slightly untoward about grown men running … Continue reading

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of wolfsbane and computer data

Botanical drawings and prints can be really beautiful.  These depict a famous plant from folklore and popular culture.  Any lover of the Harry Potter series, remembering that first class in Potions, can answer Professor Snape’s question promptly– monkshood and wolfsbane … Continue reading

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dance to tomorrow

Until tomorrow, when I am going to figure out the photography issues, have a Russian stewardess dancing with a rocket. Sometime in the late 50s or early 60s. On a matchbox label.

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calligraphy dreams

Sometimes I think I would like to work really large And ink with a broom on giant paper taped to the floor. Then I think of dogs and black pawprints.

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ride ’em!

Witness the hood ornament on a 1911 Fiat Tipo 6, photographed at the Pebble Beach Concours D’Elegance in 2015 and circulating around the internet. This is, of course, extremely awesome. And it raises two questions.  One, of course, is why … Continue reading

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first post from the new computer: under the sea

The new computer is up and running, and here’s the first post from it.  Versions of Windows may come and versions of Windows may go, but the one constant is that they always include that lowest common denominator of digital … Continue reading

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