fifty superheroes: number two

Let’s get this super party well started with a second post in a row from the Fifty Superheroes from the Sketchbook files.02-kalmak-blog

Kalmak, as noted on the original drawing, is an Alien Hero.  In fact, he’s almost certainly an Alien Soldier, if not an Alien General, who has found his/her/itself stranded on Earth and decided to use his/her/its powers for Good.  Like most heroes of this kind, Kalmak is probably on the conservative, law abiding side of goodness.  Many of Kalmak’s super abilities are linked to his/her/its mysterious Cloak of Changes, which I think has something to do with luck or probability.  Those mighty boots may have some kind of super thing going on too.

I have no idea what the dragon is doing there except to take the place of the rock, stump or piece of broken statuary that would normally be required by the heroic pose.

“Kalmak” is one of those words I was obscurely worried about after I wrote it. Did I actually make it up, or did I read it somewhere else and just absorb it?  The internet is great for this, and I am comforted to see that Kalmak is not the name of some famous copyrighted property or a well know cuss word in another language.  It does however mean “stay” or “halt” in Turkish, which has a great feel and could easily be written into Kalmak’s origin story if desired.

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fifty superheroes: number one

Last year, I decided to add a little something extra to my drawing of the day project in the second half of the year, and challenged myself to draw 5o new superheroes, complete with name, costume, and some kind of concept and/or backstory, in six months.   Actually, considering I dropped this side project during Inktober, I ended up doing it in five months, although just barely.  So now, a drum roll please, for Superhero #1/50:


The White Wolf is a neighborhood kid hero who can take on some of the features of a magical white wolf.  This partial transformation unlocks his powers: keen senses, peak human strength and agility and a devastating claw attack with his right hand, which he controls with a white leather gauntlet. The rest of his uniform is black super-neoprene, while his goggles preserve his night vision in bright light.  Note that the “wolf eye” design is actually on the goggles as part of his disguise.  Whether The White Wolf will ever achieve a full transformation, and what this will mean for his life and career, remains to be seen.

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in the margins

marginaldrawings-blogSome pretty elaborate marginalia (in other words, doodles) from a page of notes.  From the top: tiny doodle person, androgynous character with a monocle, fancy scribble fish. As (almost) always: Zebra Sarasa gel pen (0.7) in “porto” on cheap yellow legal pad.

Only one mystery remains: did I ever “get the episode with the telegram”?  (“telegraph?”)

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obligatory foodie shot

You know that one dish at the Chinese buffet?  The one with the crab in it?  What is that stuff called?

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discount patriotism

Store Closing. Flags 40% off.

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the best of the drawing of the day: whiteclaw the sphynx

whiteclawthesphynx-blogOn a bitter cold winter day,  nothing could be cozier than imagining that you have a thick, soft, fluffy fur coat like Whiteclaw up there.  Makes you warm just to look at him.  Sketchbook sphynxes aren’t usually quite so long coated, or quite so long tailed.  Their claws aren’t usually so sharp or their patterns so elaborate.  But sometimes the cartoonist just doesn’t know when to stop.

(Drawn without pencils or any kind of cleanup– all lines present and accounted for, drawn with the TWSBI Eco scritchy-scratchy pen.)

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frozen solid in the backyard

Winter Gargoyle:


There’s good shootin’ weather, and then there’s deep winter cold with harsh and brittle light, but I couldn’t let the new year advance to much further without a 2017 date on a new photograph.  Here are two from a brief (very brief– like ten minutes) expedition into the backyard with the Pentax and the 100mm Macro.

Winter hydrangea:



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movie time at the cinemark: fantastic beasts and where to find them

(Long time readers of the blog will notice that the movie reviews have a new title: the mundane “at the movies” has been replaced by “movie time at the Cinemark”.  From one year to the next, I never go to the movies anywhere else but the vast, popcorn smelling and now slightly shabby Cinemark in the half built shopping center about five miles from the house.  If I ever see a film anywhere else, I’ll make a note.)

The best thing about the movie Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them is the title.  That’s mostly because it enables you to walk around your house and point at your pets, calling them fantastic beasts and declaring that you can find them sleeping in your recliner and hanging around by the stove waiting for you to drop food on their heads.

Review of the actual movie behind the cut as usual, although spoilers are minimal. Continue reading

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another year with no pony

6b2eaff59abdd29e6229ffba8a8374fbWe haven’t done a matchbox label that suggests a comic for a while; this one is for everybody who, once again, did not get a pony for Christmas. A white one. And riding lessons from a dashing guy in a turban.

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the drawing of the day– last and first

newyear1-blogThe last drawing of the day of 2016, and the first of 2017.  The drawing of the day project started out as a New Year’s resolution I made in the last hours of 2007, to make a finished inked drawing every day for a year in 2008.  Frankly, I would have counted it as a success if I had kept it up long enough to fill one sketchbook … and now we are entering year 10.  Nobody is as surprised as I am. (Once again, I am resolving to date an initial each drawing this year– that one never seems to stick .)


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