best of the drawing of the day: tangle, the land leviathan

tanglethelandleviathan-blogBest pet ever?  This guy definitely thinks so.  Tangle is certainly a complicated pet, and there’s one thing I can say for sure: he’s definitely not easy to draw.  There is more whiteout on this drawing than I am normally comfortable with, but its scribbly quality seems to suit the subject.  Tangle, for all his mellow big-eyed expression, is always in motion.

(All of my leviathan drawings refer to the Hebrew origins of the term which is based on a Semitic word root that forms words related to twisting and squirming.)

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a pretty good dragon before … and after

Making a “Pretty Good Dragons” minicomic this week.  This series, for those who haven’t run across it before, is a commentary on the relationship between people and their pets.  Except the pets are dragons.  The PGD cartoons almost always start out as drawings in my drawing of the day sketchbooks, and the finished versions, of course, vary from the originals– sometimes a little, sometimes a lot.  And I ask myself: is the polished, straightened, properly lettered, inked with attention and care version automatically “better”?  Or is there some freshness in the sketch that is lost in the making of the finished drawing?

I thought I’d share one of the new ones with you, in both forms and let you help me decide.

western-longhorn-sketch-blog western-longhorn-finished-blog

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spring in indiana

This can be the real Indiana where I live, or Kekionga’s Indiana of the Mind, whichever you prefer.  Or is there really any difference?

imgp1808-tweak-blog imgp1822tweak-4x3-blog imgp1781-teak-blog

Early spring walk with Kilo-Macro.  One of my goals this year was to pay more attention to spring, and I think I have made a fair start.

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naga with a paczhi

nagawithapaczhi-blogCelebrating fifty years of so of not going to New Orleans for Mardi Gras, and probably about 15 or twenty of not going to Carnival at Rio, so have a Naga with a Paczhi.   (I may have actually taught myself to spell “paczhi” in the creation of this drawing and its accompanying post.  I wonder if I will still remember this valuable skill next year.)

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yesterday in football talk

It’s no secret around here that we love the football.  Not the American gridiron kind that’s becoming more and more problematic to support with every year that passes, but the original kind as played by folks in short pants and no armor. “Association Football” as the Wikipedia calls it.

Longtime readers of this blog can trace my growing interest in the Beautiful Game from my regular (and popular) series of updates from the last World Cup. After that, I didn’t want to wait another 4 years to watch more football. Then there were the big international tournaments and the Olympic tournament, and then last fall I sorta gave up and started following the English Premier League*.  I guess I’m doomed now.

One of the things I like best about the football is football talk, the clever commentary from old English football experts who  know pretty much everything about the game and its history and are charmingly prone to wordplay and lavish streaks of minor rhetoric.  There’s a whole “football talk” notebook on the coffee table full of scraps of transcript.  Here’s a couple from yesterday’s ‘game between Tottenham Hotspur and Stoke City. (Final score, Tottenham 4, Stoke City nil.)

(As the game begins): “Tottenham has tottered; Stoke, no doubt, will be stout and stubborn.”

(As Harry Kane scores the second goal of an eventual hat trick, his second in eight days and third in nine games): “Unerringly accurate–as sweetly struck as he could have wished for.”

spur-smallCome on, you Spurs.


*My EPL dawgs are Chelsea, Everton, and Hotspur, if you are scoring at home.  I also support Sheffield Wednesday in the Championship.

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even more neighborhood sunsets

Position: Photographs of colorful late winter sunsets are not in poor taste *provided* they are made within three blocks of your house.  Discuss.

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creative plurals in floral

Those lovely tropical orchard’s– so exotic.

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bottlecaps! design work in progress

bottlecap-designs-blogHard at work on, among other things, a minicomic about bottlecaps.  In this comic, I am going to have to draw a lot of bottlecaps. Not wanting to get into weird copyright issues, and because it is more fun to make things up, I invented my own brands and flavors of bottled soda.  I also studied real world bottlecap designs.  (Did you know there are people who have whole Instagrams full of pictures they have taken of bottlecaps?  There are.)   This was a surprisingly difficult challenge.

From the top, the cap designs for Lychee Flavor Fizz Wiz!, Old Fashioned Ginger Malted, and Lime Shiver.

I picture Fizz Wiz! as a brand of soda that comes in a whole ton of different fruit flavors, some pretty exotic, and uses one cap design for all with just the typeset word changed.  Sort of like an imaginary Jarritos.  Now that I think about it, I should put the exclamation point on the wizard hat.

The Old Fashioned series may be similar– a series of sodas in old style flavors like Sarsaparilla, Green River, Birch Beer, etc, with the old fashioned mug design on each cap with either the name of the flavor or the color designating the contents.  Ginger Malted is not a flavor that actually exists, as far as I know, but I bet it is pretty tasty.

And Lime Shiver is just a great soda in my favorite flavor– a terrific mixer with a tot of Brazilian sugarcane rum.

(Left the pencil in this scan to show how the designs fit into the circle of the top of the cap.)

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last year/this year

The first big macro garden walk of the new year (so early!),  yielded a number of images, some of last year, some of this.  In these two 4 x 3s, that means last year’s oak leaf hydrangea,


and this year’s ghost crocuses:


The little purple tipped, purple veined ghosts are in bloom in Kekionga now, too.  This is more than just a February thaw– it’s an early spring.


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camera bag love

dsc_1986Feeling a fair amount of love for my new camera bag tonight after its first successful outing earlier in the day.

Cool things about my new camera bag:

  • Bought it cheap on sale in the hunting department at the local Big Box Sports Store.
  • It’s not black and doesn’t look like a camera bag.
  • It’s the right size for a bunch of different combinations of cameras and other gear I want to carry around.
  • It seems sturdy and has lots of useful pockets.
  • I was able to customize it with stuff out of my parts boxes in the studio–didn’t have to buy anything else to get it looking pretty cool.
  • Now it has a lizard on it.
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