studio portraits


Indoor camera practice means taking yet more photographs of those familiar characters, the studio knickknacks.  Portraits of Hanging Vasuki and Desktop Cap, taken with Mischief and the new 60mm f/2.4 macro.  Hanging Vasuki is looking particularly goofy and enthusiastic, and Desktop Cap, as usual, thinks I should be doing something more productive.


Sorry, Cap.

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seasonal tool exchange

Good bye, hose cart for soaking the new trees.
Hello, snow shovels and the long brush for sweeping the satellite dish so we can watch TV.

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a seasonal hulk-ku

Hulk wait around big drug store. Many holiday foods.

  • Hulk like two kinds pie.
  • Hulk like trail mix: nuts, dry fruit.
  • This snack: Hulk not sure.
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sick day

If you are thinking of doing whatever I did to get whatever it is I got, please think again.  Not recommended. 

For content, please have a random photograph from the files on my phone.

Oh look, it is the giant spiders from.Menards that are currently inside my body. One is in my head and one is iny stomach. You can pick which one is where. I don’t have the energy.

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You may have noticed that it has begun to snow.  It started late last evening, and knowing WordPress it should keep up until very early in the New Year.  As always, if it really bothers you, let me know and I will consider turning it off. But I will admit I personally like it although it makes me feel rather melancholy.

That’s the holiday word for this year, I think, melancholy.  A lot of us feel that our country and our world are not in a great place right now. We now know things about our neighbors (and maybe even our family and friends) that we didn’t know before, and maybe we would have been happier not knowing.   It’s a bit of a Blue Christmas.

In spite of it all I’ve done a little decorating around here; even made a new header with some holiday red. And in tribute to the blue, I made you a Blue Christmas wallpaper . I took the photograph yesterday on the last of November.  If you want the full sized version, just ask.


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a new lens for the last of november

dscf2883-crop4x3-blog dscf3121-blog dscf3161-slighttweak-blogToday marks the arrival of a new lens– a short telephoto macro* for the Fujis, which is definitely giving Mischief a fresh outlook on the world.  Even on a cloudy, raw last day of November there are still plenty of walkaround shots to find here in the neighborhood– even some leftover garden macro.  Thanks very much to the person who gave me this wonderful early Christmas present!

*The obscure and probably serious underrated Fujinon 60mm f/2.4 R Macro, for those scoring at home.


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mammoth for sale

dscf8880-mammothforsale-blackandwhite-cropandtweak-blogDo a lot of people just walk down the street with a spare 900 bucks burning holes in their pockets, see this display in a jewelry store window, and say to themselves “You know, what I really need today is a mammoth tooth and its accessory jaw fragment.”?

One of the oddest things I saw on a recent photography walk around the Loop in Chicago.   Reflections in the glass are impossible to avoid, or at least I have not yet figured out how to do so. As is often the case, I like the black and white image better artistically, but feel the the color one offers additional, potentially valuable, information.  Fujis like my pocket camera permit you to set a bracket that automatically records each shot in black and white and one or more of several kinds of color, which is a handy feature to have, particularly in the street.


(For camera geeks, Fuji X-M1/Fujinon 27mm f/2.8: 1/110, f/2.8 ISO200 -.667 EV)

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lucky wolf angel

lucky-wolf-angel-cleanedup-blog-usethisAs all practitioners of a (semi) regular routine of unplanned or automatic drawings can tell you, making a genuine “lucky drawing” is a rare event.  I’m honestly not sure whether the term is my own invention or not; it’s quite possible someone taught it to me, or just talked about it in my presence, so long ago that I don’t even remember ever not knowing it.  (If that someone was you, thank you very much.)

A lucky drawing, as I (loosely) define it, is a good drawing that just happens.  There is no thought or planning, no blocking, no pencil underdrawing– just a single stroke* with an ink pen or a brush, and then another, until the subject is suggested and the drawing can be finished. That is usually fairly quickly, especially when working with the brush– most brushwork lucky drawings take less than fifteen minutes to complete.  If you work too hard on a drawing like this, you may get a good drawing but it won’t be lucky. Ideally, a proper lucky drawing also requires no corrections, although I allow myself to white out the occasional early line that turns out to be misplaced if I can do it without disturbing anything else.  There is one such correction in this drawing, but I won’t tell you where it is.

As for the Wolf Angel himself, your theory is as good as mine, but my guess is that he is a minor saint or godling, perhaps one who watches specifically over werewolves and those who love them.

*In this case, the first stroke was the line under the Wolf Angel’s chin.

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testing, testing

img_20161127_190517Black Friday has worked its evil magic, and I have acquired a new and very inexpensive Device.  More on this Device as I finish assembling it– it is going to be a Productivity Device– but so far it connects to the Internet, posts to the blog, and takes fabulously low fi, super grainy, security cam quality pictures of the dog.

(Hint: the Device is not a camera. Which is good for it if it doesn’t want to be Returned.)

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fifteen years ago today

Fifteen years ago today, we brought home a Cardigan Welsh corgi puppy, black brindle with one white ear.  It was a very wise thing to do.

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