arrows1-blog arrows2-blogSpent an hour or so yesterday with a brush and sketchpad, drawing directional arrows for an ongoing project.  If you are in need of a distinctly hand-drawn directional arrow, not guaranteed to be completely straight, drop me a line (comment, email, FB message or whatever) and I can send you a full sized file.

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animal world (two quarters)

Animal World.
Two Quarters.
Pink Elephant.

(Count this as a critical success.)

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morning haiku

A 100% increase in home coffee brewing capacity leads directly to a corresponding increase in early morning poetry output.

  • Coffee grounds in wet brown
  • filter. Do not dump them all
  • over the kitchen.

Or maybe a not-a-haiku is better:

  • Coffee grounds in wet brown filter:
  • Please do not dump them
  • All over the kitchen.
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reference photographs: bottle caps

bottlecap10-blogI need to learn how to draw a bottle cap, fast.  Here are some photographs I took this afternoon to use as photo references.  No idea whether these will be more useful at the drawing table (on my tablet? printed out?) than the actual bottle caps, which I am keeping to use as models.


For some reason, all these bottle caps are from tasty Mexican beverages.  You can guess which one I consumed.


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best of the drawing of the day: the observation unit

theobservationunit-straightened-blog“Got no idea what’s going on here,” the cartoonist said cheerfully, not bothered in the least to have drawn a scientist-type character looking out from a picture frame set into the side of a large Mysterious Animal (or possibly a Horrible Creature).  Is the Observation Unit a real thing, possibly a robotic Trojan Horse contraption for scientific research, or perhaps a metaphor for the Human Condition?

Because sometimes I feel like I’m riding around inside a giant beast that is bounding around the landscape as I look out and watch and take no control whatsoever.

(This is an unplanned drawing, hashed out in the scritchy-scratchy pen without the help of any pencil lines, and then fiddled with pretty seriously with both natural media corrections in whiteout and marker and with the 5 Pixel Paintbrush in post.  I find the 5 Pixel PB just about equals the lines made with the TWSBI Eco EF fountain pen on a 400 dpi Drawing of the Day.)

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auto show colors and color names: thank you, ford

autoshow-fusionlabel-blog autoshow-fusion2-tweak-blogThanks go out to the Ford Motor Company, who once again this year left the Monroney window sticker stuck in the window of every car on their display stand at the Chicago Auto Show.  For those of us who love car colors, and especially the names of car colors, it’s kind of them to make it so easy to connect a gorgeous, or at least interesting, color with its name.  I score these as two “gorgeous” and one …” interesting”.


autoshow-mintlabel-blog autoshow-mint-blogusethis2Do you agree?

As always, auto show photography is a particular challenge.  Oddly enough, my phone camera has fairly accurate color rendition, so it is often my best choice for this kind of work, but all of these Ford stand shots required a very slight boost to the blue channel to counteract the very warm lights.  (Color memory is vitally important here.) And, as always, rules of composition regarding the cutting off of heads, limbs and other crucial bits of the human body go by the wayside when you are shooting cars in a crowd. If you go somewhere like a big auto show, expect to appear, whole or in part, in the snapshots of others.  Everybody’s in the shot, all the time.

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sunset and sunset photographs

Decent smartphone sunset in the neighborhood./But the strange composition/ cannot be cropped/ into an effective square for Instagram./In spite of this,/ winter is passing.

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this is not a picture of detroit, michigan

buickstand-blogIt happened again for the second year in a row.  I was in Chicago (Illinois) for the Chicago Auto Show today, and I took this particular picture with my smartphone.  It’s a perfectly conventional view of the Buick show stand, as seen from the edge of the Cadillac stand.  The two exhibits were in the same places last year, and when I took a similar picture in 2016, the Google in my phone decided that I was in Detroit, Michigan. For the rest of my visit, it kept me up to the minute on the weather in Detroit, informed me of important developments in Detroit local news, and suggested nearby restaurants (in Detroit) where I might want to have lunch and interesting Detroit landmarks and attractions in case I wanted to extend my stay.

This morning it did exactly the same thing. It was midafternoon and I was most of the way home to Indiana before the Google realized I was not in the Motor City.  I can only conclude that Buick’s stand at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit (always two or three weeks before the show in Chicago) features the same staging and cars and is set up in a part of the hall with similar architecture, and that Google’s image recognition software can’t tell the difference between shiny new Buicks at the Cobo Center and the same Buicks at McCormick Place.

Stupid Google.  Also, slightly creepy.  Never take a picture with your Android phone that you don’t want the Google or its algorithms to look at.

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hulk-ku: thing to do

  • That Thursday all set.
  • Evening, Hulk go Home Depot.
  • Learn build cupcake stand.
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troll-cat sighting

Now that we’ve determined that in sketchbook world, a three eyed humanoid character is a troll and a three eyed beastie is a troll animal, the current label for Yum Yum Ale (from local artisan brewery Three Floyd’s Brewing) features a troll-cat.

Meow! And a Persian troll-cat at that, looks like.

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