a bacon accomplishment

My major accomplishment yesterday: I bookmatched the bacon.

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a scribble day

A scribble day being a day off for necessary maintainance, both mental and artistic.  Regular programming will return.

Heads down, work hard, tell the truth to power.

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what a character *she* is

Drawing in my lap: the final design for the Monster Hunter character in my current story. The regular cast are looking pretty chibi, but she is the chibi-est.

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portraits: sandbag and small dumpster


These objects I met on a recent thaw walk through the local construction site had the presence of fellow beings, so I felt like I was making portraits as I passed by.


(the camera is the Pocketrocket: Fuji X-M1/27mm f/2.8.  F/4, and I probably should have stopped down another stop or two.)

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fifty superheroes: number 3

03-speedyii-blogNumber three in our cavalcade of fifty sketchbook superheroes is the second Speedy.  The “Speedy” collective is made up of fat people who are powerful speedsters.  (The numbers are based on the order of their public appearance.) Presumably their powers are based in small scale time manipulation, because they never even break a sweat.  They are unassuming, rock-solid “good guys” and very popular celebrities in the fat community.

I have no idea whether Speedy II is a guy or a gal, and I don’t know if anyone else does either.

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play in clay


dscf9560-playwithclay2-blog-redactedA partial portrait of someone who would much rather be playing in clay than posing for a photograph.  (Hint, there is a reason why his nicknames include both “Nose” and “Tail”. )  Or maybe it’s just a picture of an interesting cardboard box we saw on a January thaw walk through the construction site where they are expanding the elementary school.

Either way, it’s nice to review the words for “moist clay” in both French and Spanish.

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best link of the week

This blog is, by definition and since its founding, non political.  But regardless of your exact opinions,  you may find these quotes from one of my very favorite authors helpful in surviving this moment in history:


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orange roses and digital “arts”

Phone camera forays into the  floral departments are a winter refuge for a ‘tog who like flowers. It’s no garden macro, but we will take what we can get.  Here’s the original crop-and-edit from this afternoon at the discount store, and a digital “art” I made from it using several different filters and tweaks in Pixlr.

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best of the drawing of the day: coffee squatch

coffeesquatch-blogToday’s entry is called “Coffee Squatch”.  It is a drawing of a sasquatch drinking coffee.  Not really much to say about that, except that it is yet another example of how a cup of coffee is a great prop.  Usually the coffee drinker in my sketchbook is a sphinx (or, among the hipsters found in sketchbook coffee shops, a “sphynx”), but ‘squatches like their java, too.  A venti is their minimum size, but around here the 24 ounce cup from the local convenience store is a big favorite.

I have got to get a coffee maker around here.

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Everybody’s least favorite weather phenomenon but lovely to photograph: ice this morning in the back yard.  Pentax K-5iis with the great Pentax 100mm f/2.8 WR Macro, of course.



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