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butterfly and zinnia

The phone camera continues to display strange and wonderful competence at the most unexpected moments. Macro-style shots of butterflies on zinnias?  Really?  Apparently so. It’s one butterfly on two different zinnias, if you want to get technical.  Interesting how one … Continue reading

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around the neighborhood with my new camera

Somewhere along the line in the last few weeks, I finally got my hands on the camera I’ve been wanting pretty much constantly since I went digital seriously about two years ago.  (See pretty much the entire “photography” tag in … Continue reading

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dire floorgi

After a walk on a hot day, there’s nothing better than to flop down on your belly on the cool kitchen floor in an air conditioned house.  Keen observers will notice this is not my house, but a dire corgi … Continue reading

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i wish i was more of a jerk

I wish I was more of a jerk. I probably would be a better photographer.  Unfortunately, at least for my image output, I actually have some manners.  These were taught to me as a kid, and like so many annoying … Continue reading

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portrait of a (flying) junkyard rat

Among my convention table toys is a rubber squeaky rat I got at the dollar store one Halloween.  The plan is to fit him with wings and make him into a flying junkyard rat like the ones in Kekionga.  This … Continue reading

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time to buy a gong

Because we are now well equipped to keep it clean. Seriously, I never knew that this common kind of scrubbing brush, with its squarish head and straight or slightly curved handle, is properly known as a “gong brush”. A full … Continue reading

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fun and games at the drugstore

Humorous social commentary? Minor but effective rebellion against the Man?  Someone a little bored chopping wood and carrying water at the big chain drugstore?  Regardless, since everything’s the same price, there’s no harm done.  And it’s so great to see.   … Continue reading

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home from space

No, not outer space– SPACE, as in the Small Press and Alternative Comics Expo, that dandy convention put on annually in Columbus, Ohio by Bob Corby and a cast of dedicated workers. Bob outdid himself this year, coming up with … Continue reading

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a former object of desire

There was a time , not so very long ago (or so it feels) that I wanted this camera more than just about anything. It was rare even then: the K1000 with brown leatherette instead of the usual black, and … Continue reading

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a restaurant under the sea.

It’s a Chinese restaurant.  And they have a salt water fish tank, and I have a phone camera.  So, if you will, a rare photograph of the Chinese restaurant under the sea.

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