minicomics ??, post 4: a pause for a question

One of the problems with new story ideas is that they must sometimes be put on pause until a previously unasked worldbuilding question is answered.

As the script develops, it looks like a kid or two is going to have to go from Our Neighborhood to Edison’s Cliff.  And I have no idea where Edison’s Cliff actually is, except that it is at least a few minute’s drive from the Junkyard, since Jack drives there in the still unfinished “Bottlecaps”.  But if one or more of the Kids decides to go there to looks for the semi-mythical Kekionga sauropods, it would be helpful to know where it is so I can decide how they will travel.  Is it a convenient bike ride, or will they have to take the bus?

If you would like to help answer this question, here is the basic map of Kekionga and the surrounding area.  sketch map inked

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minicomics ??, post 3: story notes and the first bits of a script

The internet is back, so here are the ongoing story notes and even the preliminary fragments of a script.  This always how it starts with me: one document with the notes and the script growing around them like a narrative fungus.  I will keep this document going, changing only the version number, until I have everything under control and I’ve decided on the title.  Then I save under the correct title and begin work on the finished script.  So this is still “Brontosaurus Minicomic v1″.  (As the final notes point out, it is still sadly lacking in even a rudimentary plot.)

Brontosaurus Minicomic (minicomics live, 4/15) v1

“Remote Viewing”/ “Thunder Lizard”/ “Viewing the Thunder Lizard”

cast: Murphy, Anpu, a brontosaurus, probably Moose, almost certainly Josef)

page 1(right) / cover: a drawing of a weird device on the sidewalk in chalk. It has a screen on it and on the screen are sauropod dinosaurs.   The title of the drawing is also the title of the comic.

Page 2 (left) :Pan back and there is Murphy drawing on the sidewalk

Somebody comes along and says something stupid about the drawing. Murphy corrects them politely “More like a time machine”

They say something patronizing about going to see the dinosaurs—Apatasaurus—you know that’s the correct name for a brontosaurus.

Murphy: actually they just changed it back. The official ceremony was at Yale, on Tuesday. (actually, it really was.)

Page 3 (right) :One of the other kids comes along (Moose, Mr. Spit? Josef could be with them), compliments Murphy on staying calm, being polite when people are rude to him

Murphy: Well, don’t draw on the sidewalk if you don’t want to hear sidewalk opinions.

Conversation turns to seeing dinosaurs and debates whether there actually are any, the same as there are mammoths and saiga and Egyptian gods and things.

Sometimes you can see them at the Cliffside.

They get to Edison’s Cliff and Anpu is there talking to the dinosaurs. He is talking to them about Ancient Egypt, and a brontosaurus he met there once.\

Maybe Josef jumps off the cliff and down into the dinosaurs—landing on their heads.

Page xx (left)/back cover

Original drawing with Josef in the window

Dialog: hey, Murph, when did you change your drawing for the remote viewer?

Somebody else: That’s a very good likeness. Or “you really know how to draw Josef

To add: plot. Add Josef making one of his weird noises and on the Kids interpreting it as “brontosaurus”

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minicomics ??, post 2: the rest of the story

Well, not exactly a story yet, but we’re heading in that direction.   From the rest of your excellent prompts, I’ve chosen a child graffiti artist who works in sidewalk  chalk, and a line drawing of a futuristic device.  I bet you can see where this is going …

Murphy’s drawing will be on the cover, that’s already settled.  And I think I know where the last page is set.  This will be an 8 or 12 pager.

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minicomics ??, post 1: it’s brontosaurus day!

I’ve started reading my prompts, and immediately glommed onto one about the recent restoration to the Brontosaurus of his time honored name.  Did a little research, and it turns out that today, April 14th, is the day Yale will rename its own specimen, which was discovered by O.C. Marsh, who named the thunder lizard in the first place.

Since there is no way I can be at Yale by 1pm for the official celebration, I think I’ll commemorate the occasion with a minicomic about a Brontosaurus and possibly his name.  And since the original prompt had the beast in Ancient Egypt, let’s add Anpu.  So, so far we have Anpu and a brontosaurus.

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minicomics live ??: prolog

I’ve been debating this for about 24 hours.  The internet is still on the fritz so I’ll be taking a risk starting this project.  Posts may be erratic and long delayed–I’m going to write them in a text document and post when I can.  And there is a definite chance that the whole project will stop completely if the connection goes down for good, which it may do at any time.

But fortune favors the bold, right?  And I really want to do this, so here goes.  I’m off to read my prompts.  See you soon, I hope.

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a clean wall is …

cleanwall1-blogThis is one of the piers of my own particular Bridge; the one near where I grew up, the Bridge that was the scene of so many important events of my teenage years.  Surrealistically, it is now part of a National Park, but if you go there today you will still sometimes see a greying man or woman standing next to the bike path and looking into the water, remembering a time when this was an isolated place at the end of an overgrown road closed off with heavy chains, the lair and gathering place of disaffected youth.  (Just close your eyes; it still smells the same.)

People used to paint on the piers back then, too, and it’s good to see that even the National Park Service can’t quite foil the artistic lure of Graffiti Under the Bridge.  The tagger called Ghost has been working here for several years; I really like his or her icon.  The comment about clean walls is new since the last time I visited.cleanwall2-blogThis image is going to be the desktop wallpaper on my new computer, if I ever get a new computer.

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minicomics live delayed one day

You’ll get a proper post with real content and stuff later in the day–this is just to let you know that  Minicomics Live! has been delayed one day.

The project will start tomorrow, Tuesday the 14th.  That’s a nice round number …

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minicomics live! tomorrow (in spite of everything)

The last few days have been filled with doubt– not artistic doubt, never that*, but technological doubt.  Not only is the ancient computer still ancient (Windows XP will never quite die), but for some reason our normally highly stable internet connection has become … intermittent.  Intermittent wipers are good, intermittent internet not so much.  But things today seem a bit more stable, and I really want to do Minicomics Live!, so I am going to do it and you are going to like it and it is going to be cool.  I hope.  So please consider this a last call for seeds and suggestions– just send them to kekiongacomics at yahoo dot com with “Minicomics Live!”  in the subject line.   Have some.  Would love more.

So preparations have begun.  These include ruling pages and gathering tools, and also taking out the garbage, listening to podcasts, reading PG Wodehouse**, doing sudokus, cooking bacon, and goofing around on the internet, especially Pinterest.  Later, dishes and television.

In the morning, minicomics.  Live.  Right here.

*Not at this point anyway.  The artistic doubts only emerge when a project is well underway …

**His early work– mostly boarding school stories.  Tremendous fun, although I don’t know as much about cricket as I really should.

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not-a-haiku for spring

I’ve always liked the idea of the haiku, and like everyone else I’ve taken a shot or two at writing them.  But I’ve become convinced that the syllable pattern, designed for the Japanese language, is perhaps too restrictive for writing in English.  So I sometimes write “not-a-haiku” in what I hope is a similar spirit.  If you like, consider this part of the cherry blossom festival that began in yesterday’s post.

  • Sometime over the winter
  • the driver’s side rocker panel of the Buick
  • finally rusted through.

(Or “finally rusted through.”  I can’t decide.  Decided.)

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best of the drawing of the day, week 154: cherry blossoms

drawingoftheday-week-154-cherryblossomsThis is one of those drawings that appear in stages and change with the circumstances of each stage.  The pencils were of an ordinary sketchbook world drawing of a figure leaning on a horrible creature.  Since I was out of town when I drew it, I had to ink it with the brush pen in my traveling kit, which seems to have developed a leak in the final seal and which dropped a huge drip immediately above the man in the striped shirt’s left shoulder.  Instead of filling the background as a solid black, or blotting the drip and then whiting it out later, both legitimate and standard solutions to a rare but not unknown issue, I decided to go with it.

I worked the drip into kind of a garden form and filled the rest of the background with similar forms in varying sizes.  Later, after the whole mess was dry, I filled in the plant form in the “background” with a small Sharpie pen.  (The scribble leaves were actually just drawn on top of the brushwork forms.)  I don’t know why, but the black shapes remind me of a kind of negative cherry blossoms in a weird Japanese garden somewhere in sketchbook world.

(And yes, I retired the brush pen in question.  It now resides in the studio, carefully labeled “fill only”, and will live out its life spotting small to medium sized black areas on finished pages.)

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