on the drawing board

All my current projects– what’s on the drawing board, what’s waiting in the wings, and possibly a few vague speculations about how long (approximately) you’re going to have to wait to read it.

Right now I am working on:

  • Mammoth Junkyard Moon: this is it, boys and girls, the long awaited first volume of the collected Kekionga minicomics.  This book will start with “Bud and the Bugs from Dimension X”, and end with some interesting DVD extras.  In between will be a selection of the best Kekionga stories to appear so far in the classic 4 1/4 x 5 1/2 inch quarter page minicomics form, plus at least one and possibly two completely new stories: “Unfrozen Cave Girl Woman” and “Hero Boots” “Quarterly Report” and “Something Float”.  There will also be a new introduction featuring all the Kekionga characters and offering insight into their backgrounds and relationships.  My goal is to have Mammoth Junkyard Moon ready for SPX this September, but that may not happen. It will be available for Christmas regardless.  You are invited to follow the progress of this huge project on the main blog, under the tag “book”.  Any encouragement is welcome.

Through the telephoto lens:

  • “Hero Boots”, which is now completely scripted, and grew in the process into a magnificent bastard of a story, 32 pages long and highly significant in the Kekionga canon. It is too long and too important to rush to press, so this will be my next big project after Junkyard Moon is finished.
  • “Closing Time”, a touching and spooky little piece featuring a certain werewolf librarian– perhaps for Halloween?
  • Jeff Lilly and I are finishing up a script for a longer minicomic.  No page count yet, but it will be a Knotted Rope story starring everybody’s favorite teenage dimension travelers, Andru and Towa.  The collaborators have peacefully resolved a spirited debate on the issue of nudity.  The finished comic will have some mild, non-sexual nudity, and therefore a PG-13 rating.
  • “Bottlecaps” is back on the horizon!  This is the little Zen story featuring Bud, Jack and a new character I have been working on for about a year. I recently unearthed the script and decided it’s a sound little story and just needs some tweaking to make a first class minicomic (and a good first story for the next volume in the book series).  I think I’m going to expand it to 16 pages.
  • “Unfrozen Cave Girl Woman”, which also got too long for Junkyard Moon, will be a freestanding minicomic instead. Stand by for an exciting origin story featuring fan favorite, Gale the Unfrozen Cave Woman.

More to come,


2 Responses to on the drawing board

  1. Scott Preiss says:

    On the drawing board definition, a rectangular board on which paper is placed or mounted for drawing or drafting. What’s the difference?

    • Pam Bliss says:

      Between drawing and drafting? I suppose drafting is actually a subset of drawing. It’s technical drawing, the preparation of exact images, plans or diagrams to precise measurements. Examples of drafting might be blueprints, designs for engineering or manufacture, architectural renderings, and so on. Creative input varies from nil (except for lettering design) on a blueprint to quite a bit on an architectural rendering.

      Today most drafting is done on computer using CAD software, though hand drafted architectural renderings are still in demand as a luxury item.

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