Hopelessly Lost …

The “Hopelessly Lost …” Archive  is up and running!  Read it here .

Hopelessly Lost, But Making Good Time is Pam Bliss’s ongoing series of essays about making your own comics.  Hopelessly Lost … appears monthly on Sequential Tart  and you will eventually be able to read the entire collected series here on kekiongacomics.com.

The “Hopelessly Lost …” Archive will be filled with more than10 years of comics theory, art and writing tips, free advice (it’s worth what you pay for it!), and general musings from the cartoonist’s studio.  Extensive tagging and a tag cloud will make it fully searchable by subject.  It will take a while to upload the 130+ essays that are already in the can, but eventually I’ll catch up with myself, and after that you can expect a new installment every month.

The Archive blog is up and running here, and the first three twenty eight essays are already posted and tagged. The plan is to post at least two revised and updated essays a week until they are all up and available for you to read and use.  If anyone has an advice or suggestions for the future of Hopelessly Lost … and the archive,  email me at kekiongacomics@yahoo.com.

Thanks for listening.  I’m looking forward to sharing this ongoing project with all of you.


One Response to Hopelessly Lost …

  1. Hooray! I remember asking you years ago if there was an archive of the older ‘Hopelessly Losts’. I’m glad you’re bringing them back!

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