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  • Pam Bliss
  • PO Box 304
  • Valparaiso, IN 46384

The new, expanded Kekionga tumblr is the Noakes Library Archives and Bulletin Boards at

I think tumblr is one of the great internet resources for cartoonists, comics readers, or anyone who enjoys the visual arts and/or looking at pictures.  I have three other tumblrs which may interest my readers.

My general interest tumblr is a picture file, the Coelacanth Gallery.  I’m collecting images that I find interesting, beautiful, funny, inspirational, decorative or just plain cool, and you might like them too. “

And for all kinds of resources for making your own comics (or for working on any creative endeavor) from storytelling and art to layout and design, plus examples and advice, take a look through the Hopelessly Lost Toolbox!

Just for fun, I also collect pictures of people, animals and things shown in profile.  The images range from photographs to scientific illustrations to posters to paintings– all they have in common is that they are Looking Left and Right. LL&R is a queued blog, so you will always have a fresh profile when you need one.

One Response to contact

  1. Rick Santman says:

    MOAR! Moar pictures of soup! (And drawings of “Soup” for that matter)

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