about Pam Bliss

When mammoths still roamed the earth, Pam Bliss was born in Ohio.  There she got an eclectic education that made her into a lifelong smartaleck.

In 1985, she moved to Indiana, and she has been drawing and making up stories in that state ever since.  Four years later, under the influence of Matt Feazell and other pioneering small pressers,  she combined the art and the stories in her first minicomic. Kekionga, that Indiana of the mind, was born.

As a creator, Pam is dedicated to natural media drawing with paper, pen and brush, hand lettering, the cartoon short story, and exploring the endless potential of the handmade minicomic.  But she has been known to venture into unknown territory on occasion.  She also writes about comics, and sometimes teaches.

Her other interests include automotive history and car culture, bossa nova music, and dogs, especially Welsh corgis.  She retains her childhood fascination with mammoths and watches a great deal of television.

(When it comes to the internet, she is very much an old dog who is learning new tricks.)

contact her at kekiongacomics@yahoo.com

4 Responses to about Pam Bliss

  1. Pam! Pam Pam Pam!
    I am indescribably happy to see you again!

  2. drawingsofdubiousquality says:

    This is a great blog. The advice you offer is wonderful. Cheers. And I also love dogs.

  3. Rick Santman says:

    Rachel! Rachel! Rachel! Rachel! I’m reasonably happy to see you again, too!

    Now go produce some more Amy Unbounded, and then send me copies.

  4. KM Richardson says:

    Hey Pam-o! Long time! Look forward to following your adventures!

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