my internet idol

f63ce5055b37385d5a7acc36a01dde25This woman is my new internet idol.  I really like her earrings and her hat. The bird is pretty cool as well.

Seriously, wouldn’t it be awesome to befriend a giant eagle and have it like you enough to ride around on your head all day, glaring at photographers and no doubt flexing its mighty talons at anyone who approaches you with any hint of an attitude?  “No pets, you say? What are these ‘pets’ you speak of? I see no pets! I am the Grey Windrider! I go where I will, and if I choose to stand on my friend’s head here in the paint department at Menards, it is no concern of yours. Peasant.”

Yes, you could argue that she has her bird on a leash (or, more properly, on a jess) but there’s no way a mighty streak-feathered force of nature could be restrained by a mere piece of mint green polypropolene clothesline. The eagle is there because it wants to be.

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best of the drawing of the day: old friends

drawingoftheday-newnumber15-oldfriends-blogThese two are old friends of the blog, having appeared in at least three  previous Best of the Drawing of the Days* (more than any characters outside the Kekionga canon), and they are certainly old friends of my sketchbook, having occupied their own little corner of my interior landscape for years.  Not only does this drawing suggest that they are growing closer personally, but that as a pair they are drawing closer to that nebulous concept that is fictional reality:this looks an awful lot like a finished character design.  A story is definitely growing around them, and they may be perilously close to getting names.  This is a bit scary, because the story is quite different than anything I’ve worked with before.  Luckily, it does not seem to be in a hurry, so I hope that my courage will grow at the same rate.   Regardless, this may be the last appearance of these two as simply the nameless Angel and Devil of sketchbook world.

*Find them here, and here, and here, along with discussion of their origins, personalities, favorite beverages, and why they bear a passing surface resemblance to some famous characters from other comics.  This resemblance is only skin deep, however, so please do not sue me.

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hungarian pepper


Hungarian Pepper
(Hot Banana)
They possess a medium heat level.

(When the grocery store decides/that they need complete sentences/ and that the word “have”/ isn’t classy enough/poetry happens.)

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a very dire composition

dire composition 3-smallersquare-blogThere’s a rule of composition called “the Rule of Thirds”, which decrees that compositions divided into thirds, or which place the subject one third of the way across the frame, are more interesting than those divided in half or which place the subject in the center.  I normally am not a huge fan of this rule of composition, or any other rule, really.  If an image divides up the frame in an interesting way, or presents an interesting pattern of light and dark across the surface, and all the edges are under control and nothing is stuck on or cut off awkwardly, than it’s good enough and let’s get on with saying something about the subject.

But when I was cropping this photograph I noticed that it seemed to divide itself into thirds naturally, so I punched that up in the crop, and hey, there’s the Rule of Thirds.  Of course, you’d still have to decide which is the subject, the dire corgi or the row of bricks the neighborhood kids have colored with chalk.  But it works either way.  It’s a very dire composition.

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canada geese on ice


It’s warm for the first of February, but the Other Pond at the Tick Park is still frozen solid enough to hold a gaggle of Canada geese.


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and so it begins


Here’s a welcome sight on the last day of January. A long way to go yet, but it’s a start.

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hulk talk winter

The Hulk voice continues to break through the conventions of Hulk-ku into freer verse:

  • Hulk Talk Winter
  • Winter.
  • Hulk spend day suburbs.
  • Hulk see one more person
  • wear same black fuzzy jacket says “North Face”,
  • Hulk smash something.
  • Why not South Face?  East Face?
  • Why not blue? Red? Orange?
  • Why not green?
  • Green good color winter jacket.

(The author wants to point out that she is innocent on this one: the author may be a suburbanite, but at least she does not own The Exact Same Black Fleece and Nylon North Face Winter Jacket From The North Face Outlet At The Outlet Mall that more or less every second person at the shopping center was wearing this afternoon. Sheep.  Seriously.  Outlet mall sheep. The author’s fleece and nylon winter jacket is grey and brownish reddish purplish in a color the manufacturer calls “Rum Raisin”.)


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three blue cars

I was digging through my picture files and found three photos I’ve taken of interesting blue cars that don’t have much in common except for color.  Can you identify them?


lloydsquare-blogDSCF2954-blog( Hints: One is painted in its correct national racing color.  And one appeared recently on a popular cable TV program.)

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best of the drawing of the day: my window on the world

drawingoftheday-newnumber14-windowontheworldThe giant skull of an unknown and anatomically unlikely beast, hanging in the entrance of what seems to be a vast cave, half against a starry sky.  In the socket of its wide-open eye, a small figure watches with a benevolent gaze.

(What does it mean?  Who knows?  Nothing perhaps, except that I’m practicing describing the indescribable.)

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new looks on the ol’ blog

You may have noticed a new look or two on the blog today.  I have updated the fonts, revised the header page structure, and added some new photographic header images, which are supposed to appear randomly.  Please let me know which of them you like best and which fall flat– I plan to change them around fairly frequently now that I have figured out the process.

I’m particularly interested in comments about the readability of the new fonts across devices.  So if you think the fonts are either a big improvement or a big disappointment, please comment with a note about the device you are using to read this.  Or perhaps you’re trying to read it?

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