spider time: post 14

The Frozen Cave Girl is melting …

We knew that after the crash and sproing episode (and yes we owed somebody a Victrola and we’d have to figure that out later) that our time was limited.  Somebody had to have heard that.  Some of us started checking out the box and the stand the ice block was on, while the rest of us looked around for anything useful.  The Frozen Cave Girl was just lying there in the ice, looking cold and asleep.  Murphy’d stationed himself by her head, watching her with way more attention than he usually gave anything.  You could hear him wishing that she’d open her eyes, that she’d maybe help. Continue reading

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the double garage, in between

A few notes for the days in between the Old Double Garage and the New Double Garage. (We hope it will only be a few days.)

garage art 1-blog

List of things you need to demolish a garage:

  • sledgehammer
  • pry bar
  • garden fork
  • reciprocating saw
  • a long piece of chain
  • two ladders, one tall and one small

It’s not really very complicated.

garage art 3-blog

And then the first parts of the New Double Garage arrive with the October dawn.  Some assembly required.

garage dawn 1-blog

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spider time, post 13

The kids arrive at the sideshow in the middle of the night …

This was the decision point. Up till then, all we’d done is sneak out and ride our bikes around in the dark for a while. I don’t know if you can “break and enter” a tent, but if we went in it would be trespassing at least. Lee and I unhooked the lantern and started fiddling with it, and Pounce and Mr. Spit looked at each other and nodded. One went left and once went right – reconnaissance. We’d all see the Frozen Cave Girl open her eyes and look straight at us. We were doing this. Continue reading

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the last days of the old double garage 2

Going. garageprogress1-blog Going.garageprogress2-blog  Going. garageprogress3-blog Gone.garageprogress4-blogSic transit gloria mundi.

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the last days of the old double garage

World Headquarters has always had an outbuilding, a two and a half car detached garage.  This garage is the model for all the detached garages in Kekionga, and appears directly in the comics as The Old Double Garage where Shadow the Small Bad Wolf lives in the Little Maudie stories.  (Read the minicomic Birds in a Sluddle for more about Little Maudie and Shadow.)

lastdaysgarage1-blogI’ve looked at the honest, ugly face of The Old Double Garage pretty much every day of my life for the last twenty five years.  Today they came to tear it down.  Above is the last photograph ever taken of this historic structure.  It’s standing empty, with snow fence already strung to keep the dogs in the yard when the garage isn’t there.  Under the grey tarp are the wheelbarrow and the lawn mower, waiting for their new home.  More on this story as it develops.


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from the world of tomorrow …


Find all your favorite modern modes of transportation on this cool American  Art Deco double sided matchbook cover.  (Mine’s the Zeppelin.)

This would make a beautiful cover for an alternate history

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spider time: post 12

The Kids set off on their secret mission!

I didn’t get much sleep that afternoon and evening, and though we never talked about it later, I bet I wasn’t the only one. I won’t go into details about fudging the truth and sneaking out. All adventurers do that, if they want to keep on having adventures, and if there’s something slightly wrong about it, you just have to do your best to minimize it and make sure it’s always for a good cause. Continue reading

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sunset in any home town


Good night, Night Vale.  Good night.

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spider time: post 11

The Team holds a strategy session. And drinks some root beer.

The steam rose (and so did the smell) as the puddles dried up as suddenly as they’d filled up. The fairground crowd was more excited, having much more fun, than was usual on even the second to last day of the Fair. (Which it was. Did I mention that?) They milled around, stuffing themselves and looking at stuff and throwing balls at bottles and darts at balloons to win even more giant prizes that were both cheap and spooky. Continue reading

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vhs dog

Ever have a day where you messed with a lot of stuff but nothing quite got finished?  Then you know what you need a photograph of a dog sitting by a curb with a Sony VHS videocassette recorder.


(We often find these orphaned bits of old tech on our walks, set out in hopes that someone will take them.  They always disappear eventually.   The Dire Corgi thinks the squirrels carry them off into the trees.)

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