spider time: post 12

The Kids set off on their secret mission!

I didn’t get much sleep that afternoon and evening, and though we never talked about it later, I bet I wasn’t the only one. I won’t go into details about fudging the truth and sneaking out. All adventurers do that, if they want to keep on having adventures, and if there’s something slightly wrong about it, you just have to do your best to minimize it and make sure it’s always for a good cause. Continue reading

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sunset in any home town


Good night, Night Vale.  Good night.

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spider time: post 11

The Team holds a strategy session. And drinks some root beer.

The steam rose (and so did the smell) as the puddles dried up as suddenly as they’d filled up. The fairground crowd was more excited, having much more fun, than was usual on even the second to last day of the Fair. (Which it was. Did I mention that?) They milled around, stuffing themselves and looking at stuff and throwing balls at bottles and darts at balloons to win even more giant prizes that were both cheap and spooky. Continue reading

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vhs dog

Ever have a day where you messed with a lot of stuff but nothing quite got finished?  Then you know what you need a photograph of a dog sitting by a curb with a Sony VHS videocassette recorder.


(We often find these orphaned bits of old tech on our walks, set out in hopes that someone will take them.  They always disappear eventually.   The Dire Corgi thinks the squirrels carry them off into the trees.)

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spider time: post 10

As we return to the story, the Kids are in the sideshow tent, clustered around the famous Frozen Cave Girl, and Murphy has made a startling statement.

“What do you mean, she’s alive?” shouted Mr. Spit, a little louder than maybe he should have, but you couldn’t blame him for being a little excited. Pounce stepped on his foot anyway, hissing at him to keep his voice down if he didn’t want to get thrown out. Spit’s dirty looks don’t bother Pounce that much. Continue reading

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sunday threes on monday– buckeye triplets

triplebuckeye-closed shell-color-blogWhat better group of three for the last week in September than the not-so-rare but still beloved “triple buckeye”.? Buckeyes are the fruit of a certain variety of American horse chestnut and the symbol/mascot of my home state of Ohio.  They usually come one to a husk; doubles are fairly common, and every once in a while you come across an extra large husk with three nice buckeyes in it.  Triples are extra good luck, or so we always believed as kids. tripletbuckeye-inshell-color-blog

My gardener friend has a young buckeye tree, the only one in our Indiana neighborhood, and it is already producing some pretty solid crops.  In ten years, if we’re all still here, there will be hundreds of buckeyes.  These three will go into my bookbags for this year’s good luck.  Happy fall.


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a mammoth’s favorite mexican cookie

Every blog needs an official Mexican confection, and around here, it is the Mamut brand cookie, which is sort of like a Moon Pie.  This is quite tasty, but we like it mostly because of the adorable cartoon mammoth on the package.

Regular reader Wolfie sends this photograph of the latest box design.  Watch out for the lava, Mamut!

mamut cookies- wolfie-blog

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hulk ku for bloggers

  • Hulk like elk jerky.
  • Hulk like gold sun September.
  • Hulk not smash bad blog.
  • Hulk take nice picture
  • Hulk phone. Hulk put in blog. Easy.
  • Hulk do many times.
  • Not easy. Phone weird.
  • Mail weird. Tablet weird. Blog weird.
  • Not smash. Write poem.

(More Hulk ku, which are haiku written in the voice of the Incredible Hulk.   This works extremely well.)



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the second farmers’ market pen

Regular readers and fellow fountain pen buffs may remember that I bought a new fountain pen at the Farmers’ Market earlier this summer.  I’ll admit I was charmed by the shininess of this handsome pen and by the chance to meet the man who made its resin body on a lathe.  But the steel nib, from India, has proved to be a very nice one and the pen is a dream to handle.

While I was shopping for that first pen, I also tried out a second pen with a rather appealing broad nib, this one a Bock from Germany.  In the end, I chose a fine nib on the grounds that I have a fair few pens with larger nibs, but only the Rotring Art Pen EFs on the smallest end.

If you read the posts about the first Farmers’ Market pen, you’ll notice that I decided I like it a lot, and that the posts ended in serious thoughts about contacting David Tipton (of adpenworx.com) about getting a second pen to match, except for color, with that Bock nib.

Well, I did.  Pictures tomorrow of this good looking pen (it’s green!), but handsome is as handsome does, so let’s start with some samples.  As before, this pen came with a free cartridge of ink for testing purposes; I sentimentally chose the same Ebony Green.  It’s amazing how much more quickly an ink cartridge runs out through a broad nib than through a fine one, so there is some black ink on each page as well.  Click on each image and you can see it.

greenfarmersmarketpen-test1-bloggreenfarmersmarketpen-test2-blogAnd if you study the second page carefully, you may be able to guess at least one of the TV shows I was watching while I doodled.

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spider time: part 9

The Kids finally see the Frozen Cave Girl.

Nina turned back with a handful of tickets, and we automatically lined up so she could hand them out. They were small, pink, and just said “Admit one”— the kind of tickets that you can buy at the stationary store any day of the week. I was expecting something else: parchment, maybe, and beautiful old fashioned lettering with scrolls and spirals. Something you could put in your best cigar box as a souvenir of your visit to the Strangeness of the World. I put mine in my pocket anyway, after I showed it to the top hat lady and she waved us inside. Continue reading

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